Models in the United States 215

    Models in the United States available for photoshoot. Modelisto is building a catalogue with the “greatest modeling professionals in the world”. To be included or create a for your fashion team.


    Gena Gemitores (also known as Gena Tew) is an alternative model located in Brooklyn, New York. She is a creative and outgoing individual. She is interested in doing editorial and high fashion looks with an edgy twist. Gena is known to be easy to work with and is fairly experienced in posing. Her skill-set includ.. 5′4ʺ / 163cm Born 1995


    For the past several years, Krystal Nichole has made a name for herself in the modeling industry and has had the honor of working with renowned photographers and international brands. The Panamanian-American model's strong features and unique look has often been compared to that of the great Naomi Campbell. Krys.. 5′8ʺ / 173cm Born 1983

    New York City

    Michelle Bobe is a New York City based fashion/commercial model of mixed ethnicity. She is represented non-exclusively by Americana Models. She freelances and books allot of her own fashion jobs. Always aiming to further her modeling career, she is continually testing with high fash.. 5′6ʺ / 168cm Born 1992


    Tara Grace Elizabeth is a professional model based in Hawaii. She has also worked in California, Thailand and France. She is experienced and has worked with brands such as Harry Winston, Calvin Klein, O'neil, Neiman Marcus and Hush LA among others. She can do her own hair makeup and styling and has an extensive .. 5′10ʺ / 178cm Born 1994

    Huntington Beach

    Amanda Gift is a professional model and actress based in Huntington Beach. Her work includes photoshoots for numerous magazines, calendars and publications as well as Film/TV Appearances. She is available for fashion and print projects internationally. 5′5ʺ / 165cm

    Salt Lake City

    Kelly Kaye is a model based in Salt Lake City, Utah. Her work experience includes photoshoots for publications such as pinup calendars, glamour lingerie and more. She is available for fashion and print projects. 5′7ʺ / 170cm Born 1984


    Brooke Baymore is a model and a student based in Orlando, Florida. She is the sister of Shannon Baymore also a model. Brooke's work experience includes photoshoots for puplications and promotions. Brooke has worked with Productions Plus/ The Talent Shop, BMG Chicago and AB FAB Orlando. Brooke is looking to expand her modeling career and.. 5′9ʺ / 175cm Born 1992

    Kansas City

    Trista Eleanor Taylor is a young model based in Kansas City, Missouri. She grew up in a small town in Wisconsin, and later moved to Kansas City to pursue a career in Oboe Performance at UMKC. She never thought she would be one to model, but decided to try. She has had great luck with modeling and the photographe.. 5′2ʺ / 157cm Born 1994


    Soliél Paden is a muse and model in RVA, USA (Richmond, Virginia) who lives to create visual art with the most colossal instrument - her body. She is known for her professionalism, creativity and high energy when working. She loves to transform, be edgy, artistic, futuristic and out.. 5′8ʺ / 173cm Born 1991


    Ashley Sarina Hoffmann is a fitness model based in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. She is a personal trainer and also a sponsored athlete for Cellucor/Neon Sport and Tainted Industries. Her work experience includes fitness, bikini and fashion photoshoots. She is available for fashion and print projects internationally. Aw.. 5′6ʺ / 168cm Born 1988