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    Makeup Artists in the United States available for fashion, beauty and bridal makeup. Modelisto is building a catalogue with the “greatest modeling professionals in the world”. To be included or create a for your fashion team.

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    Biography A graduate of Cosmix School of Makeup Artistry in Fort Lauderdale, Fl. Successfully earned a Diploma in Production makeup artistry at Cosmix. worked at Field of Terror as special effects makeup artist She did makeup on an extra for a music video

    New York City

    Javier is a Puerto Rican makeup artist based in NYC. His curious and adventurous personality has taken him from being a member of a rock band to a renaissance creative. Besides creating makeup, he also explores the human condition and art through his photography. Javier is known for mastering versatility. He can seamlessly achieve makeu..


    As an internationally trained and renowned cosmetic artist with Chanel, Christian Dior Beauty and Trish McEvoy, the passion for makeup, beauty and people has always been Andrew C. Petersen’s driving force. Currently, Andrew continues to be a major player in the world of beauty in the picturesque city of Cha..


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    An established Make-up Artist and Stylist since the 1980's, Cindy K has worked on sets for Hollywood Film Production, Television, Editorial, Red Carpet and other Media in Los Angeles, New York, Colorado, Spain and Italy. Her clients include superstars like Julia Roberts, Isabella Rossellini, Sarah Jessica Parker, Harrison Ford, Jack Nic..

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